Decoding Victoria Secret’s Brand Sexiness.

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Glam Marketing - Basic tips by Tappetino Rosso



Luxury brands are investing a lot of money and making a lot of efforts to engage customers through a glamorous approach and aspirational advertisements. People aspire to be better, fitter, smarter and often believe they can achieve this by purchasing products that create a lifestyle or image for them. For this reasons brands conceive Marketing Concept that fascinate their consumers. Today I will give you the basics instruments to understand Glam Marketing: how to build brand sexiness for your brand or for your clients.

The idea of fascination is strictly linked to the idea of the modern Glamour, with the final objective of attracting and delighting by arousing interest and curiosity. But the real trick to engage with customers, is to create messages, visuals, videos where the buyers may project the lifestyle they wish they had.

Fashion editors are specialist in this type of Marketing, more known under the name of Aspirational Marketing, since their readers buy the magazines in the first place because they prefer the aspirational fantasies, and in the second, as they think that by following the advices or buying the products, they will achieve the looks that the magazine promotes via the models and photographic wizardry.

In the context of fashion magazines, the “aspirational model” offer readers ideals to which they can aspire but, perhaps, never actually achieve. In the context of Luxury brands, companies need to create aspirational customers in order to maintain the status of the brand.

.Victoria Secret - Glam Marketing - Tappetino Rosso


Women will always want to feel sexy and wanted, and men will always crave the affection of a beautiful woman. Now days, Victoria Secret models have become a benchmark of female beauty. They posses what society deems beautiful:

  • Bikini Model bodies,

  • The perfect full body tan,

  • Wear high heel shoes,

  • Hypnotic eyes and glamorous eyelashes ,

  • Sexy pulp lips,

  • Flawless skin,

  • Sexy and soft long hair,
Perfectly Manicured hands and feet with fashionably colors,

  • Wrapped in alluring outfits in candy colors,

  • Sparkly accessories,

  • VS Angel Attitude: Confident, flirty and Glamorous

The presence of these models in the media provides a benchmark telling us who we are and who we should be. It also tells us how to look and how to be beautiful:

  • ”Wondering why I’m chowing down on pizza during the VSF”

  • ” Implants for Christmas anyone?”

  • “Better go to the gym! Just watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show!”

These were some of the Facebook statuses, appeared after the broadcasting of the Victoria Secret’s show.

While on the one hand, Victoria Secret’s primary purpose is certainly to utilize their Angels to sell their products, it is important to look beyond this and recognize that they inevitably sell values, images, and concepts.

Victoria Secret - Glam Marketing - Tappetino Rosso


So how can today’s companies use this modern witchcraft to Your advantage and put some substance behind the illusion?

Create an Aspirational Groups of Fans, Advocates and Readers that would like to belong to or aspires to your Life Style. Glam Marketing encourages desire and aspiration through the construction of Images of Perfection.

First of all , please Remember that Marketing is a Technique, which is used to encourage buyers to buy  into a particular Brand or Product.  The idea of the Perfect Image  is very important when Marketing a Super Brand. The Marketing Strategy ( The Secret Formula) is all about creating an exclusive Club, a  World full of things we dream. The starting point for Aspirational Marketing is: Imagination.

If you look at Glossy magazines, they have beautiful Advertisements, as these reflects the messages to the Audiences they try to Reach, they convey the messages of an aspirational lifestyle and the perfect holiday wardrobe.

“A Fashion Magazines offers readers fashion, beauty, and physical ideals to which they can aspire but, perhaps, never actually achieve. Magazine editors have claimed that their readers do not want to see “real-life” models or the way that beauty products and clothes look on “real women”; that they buy the magazines in the first place because they prefer the aspirational fantasies, and in the second, because they continually hope that by following the advice or buying the products, they will achieve the ever-changing looks that the magazine promotes via the models and photographic/technological wizardry. “( Wikipedia)

A Fashion Magazine must manage to be an authority on a range of lifestyle topics, but most importantly, a good fashion magazine keeps their readers up-to-date on the latest trends so that they can forge their own style. You must apply this rule to your Fashion Blog too.

  • How do we use the online platform to aspire, reward and validate a consumer’s purchase?
  • You can start by offering a Wishlist, How-to sections, a series of Inspirations Quotes and beautiful Pictures of the subjects you want to approach. Remember to act as if you were a Fashion Editor. What would they do ?
  • Which pictures would select ?  You need to create the illusion of Glamour on a constant basis. If that continuity is not in place, the illusion of glamour is broken and the whole experience is diminished.
  • Which are the lifestyle topics that your Consumers are interested in? Use Google Keyword Tool to discover it !
  • Which type of Material Things ? Houses ? Cars? Yachts ? Watches ? Jewels ?
  • Are they showing interest in Travel related  issues ?  Once identified the topics you must select the words and the pictures in order to stir their emotions: quotes and visuals that have the power to move.
  • Clothing, Beauty, Body, Cars, Travel, Lifestyle, they all represent your visual business card and they announce who you are or who you want to be – “I’m successful” or “I’m sexy” or “I’m sophisticated” or “I’m simple”.

Now to apply Aspirational Marketing to your Brand, respond to these questions: What is the Audience in Your Niche aspiring-to in regard of the Fashion Blog that you Write?

Photo Credit: Victoria Secrets

Leave us a Comment:Which Advice Could you Give ? On Which Topics ? Are your Photos Good enough to  Inspire your Readers ? Are you Projecting a Perfect-Model-Type of Image ? Because This is Really what you will need to Convey.  Share with us with a Comment.

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