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Catchy Phrases is an Online  Magazine owned by Sparkle Media Group, Monte-Carlo. Catchy Phrases was founded in July 2012 by me. The main goal of this site is to provide quality tips, tricks, hacks, and other Web Marketing and Luxury Social Media resources that allows the Fashion Industry ( regardless if Fashion Editors, Fashion PR Agencies, Fashion Consultants, Fashion Designers, Fashion editors or Fashion Students)  to better know the PR and Social Media Strategies available .

My name is Francesca Barba, I am a pretty busy mum, working at SPARKLE MEDIA GROUP,  in Monte-Carlo, writing my own columns of Fashion and Travel in a couple of very Stylish Magazines, and help the world’s finest brands with their Marketing and Communication. As a little girl I grew up in many different places, and enjoying travelling the world with my parents. I am the founder of Stylish Travellers, an Online Magazine where Travel and Fashion blends.

In September 2011, my daughter Harper was born, a beautiful baby girl, my very own sweet Princess. When I was searching for a virtual guide to make my new mom life as simple and enjoyable – and as stylish- as possible, I couldn’t find any Fashion blog for kids showcasing the creators of gorgeous children’s fashion and footwear, to really trendy buggies, and lush Baby Nurseries and Décor. This is why I have decided to create one on my own and Monte-Carlo #1 Child Fashion Blog was born TAPPETINO ROSSO - The Red Carpet for little Ones!


In January 2012 my Associate, Ekaterina Zamkovaya, CEO and Owner of SPARKLE PR Group – Russia and CIS launched an Online Magazine about anything Glamorous Happening in Russia, Sparkle Spotlight, if you want to let know the Journalists and the Russian VIP that you are launching a Brand on the Russian Market, that’s the place to announce it! I am Italian, but because I wanted to reach the largest number of readers, our Blog is written in English. I am trying to do my best, to avoid grammatical errors, however if you find some, please be so kind to excuse me, as my mother tongue is not English.


I just Published my #1 ebook – Catchy Phrases for Fashion Bloggers: It offers over 2000 ready made phrases to use on your Blog Titles and Tweets. A complete list of the most important Fashion Hashtags, Fashion Magazines Twitter Accounts , as well fashion Personalities and Magazines to Follow. It costs only $39  and be Bought directly here with Paypal or any credit card.


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If you would like to guest post for CatchyPhrases, please be so kind to send me your Topic ideas and Summary.

  • The preferred topics are Web marketing, Photoshop Tutorials, Fashion Blogging,  Luxury Social Media Tips and Tricks, SEO, Link Building, Copywriting and any other topics that related to these field.
  • If you are writing an article, an informative blog post or a how-to post, the preferred length is 450 words or more.
  • I accept only unique blog post that haven’t published on anywhere.

If you are interested to submit a guest post, just send your post with your author bio and link details to: editor@glam-marketing.com



We love when you live us comments. However please keep in mind that all comments are moderated, and all links are no follow. Do NOT use Keywords in the field name. let’s have a personal and meaningful conversation.



Catchy Phrases is an Online Magazine powered by SPARKLE MEDIA GROUP an international PR & Communications agency based in Monte Carlo, with Offices in Paris , Moscow and St Petersburg. SPARKLE MEDIA GROUP specialization is PR and Communications, Graphic, Web Design and Social Media. We currently have clients from the following segments: Marketing to moms, Wedding PR, Fashion and Beauty PR, Jewellery PR, Wine & Chef PR, DJ PR and Marketing consulting for the luxury segment..You can visit our Website: www.sparkleprgroup.com


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