Flirty Quotes for Your Online Dating Profile

Dec 11, 2012 Anonymous 90

Flirty Quotes are difficult to write. Their first purpose is to catch one’ s attention to look further. Now you can come up with flirty Quotes, for SMS, ...
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Catchy Phrases for Doll Clothes

Dec 11, 2012 Anonymous 31

You produce Fashionable and Trendy Dolls and Teddies Clothes ? Creating Catchy Slogans for a Doll Clothes Business has never been easier: Tips and Samples For You to Use.
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Catchy Phrases for Baby Fashion Brands

Dec 11, 2012 Anonymous 12

So you are launching a Baby Fashion Brand and you are looking for Catchy Phrases to convey the message of your Products. You need to find a really good tagline, that you will be able to use everywhere to build Brand Awarenes
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Thrill your Customers with some Catchy Spooky Copy!

Nov 27, 2012 Anonymous 6

The Art of writing in a compelling and persuasive way is very important in copywriting. Here are a few irresistibly playful Tricks you can use to make your Headlines Catchier by using some suitably Creepy and Spooky words. But this NOT only reserved to Horror Books publishers and Halloween Nights.  There is a way, to ...
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How to Write Catchy Phrases in less than 10 Minutes.

Sep 2, 2012 Anonymous 2

Imagine if you had a Magic Wand to write Catchy Blog Titles every time you needed: to let you start immediately check my Tips. Start Now!
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How to Use Flirty Quotes in Your Copy! Va-va-voom…

Sep 1, 2012 Anonymous 10

Just like a chef uses a set of ingredients for making or preparing something, find the Flirty Facebook Status for your Glam Marketing Posts...
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Discover my book: Catchy Phrases for Fashion!

Aug 21, 2012 Anonymous 0

Fashion Bloggers using Catchy Phrases are the perfect combination of striking your Readers with the arrow of Business Love. Buy the ebook - Only $9,99
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