The Solution to Fake Facebook Ads Likes

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«A Like that doesn’t come from someone truly interested in connecting with a Page benefits no one… » This was written on Facebook  Official Blog and I must say I cannot Agree more!

Anybody spending money on Facebook Ads wants eyes looking at its advertisements and fingers clicking at it. Facebook Ads gives you the possibility to Target to the smallest details your Ads and to send visitors either to a Facebook Landing Page or to a website.

If your Advertising Campaign has the right parameters, your Product is a killing and you have nailed your target Market, you could really run a Successful Facebook Campaign. Hypothetically you could have gained thousand of targeted Fans just in a couple of hours. In under a week you could have your first clients! Unfortunately things are not that easy: more and more, companies are reporting thousands of Zombie Fans, clicking on your Ads and Liking your Page.

When you get thousands of New Fans in a very short time, check your Analytics, they might behave a little bit suspiciously.   They Like your Page, but they don’t take advantage of any of your FREE Offers, they don’t visit your Website, they don’t reply to any of your Posts … start to take a closer Look!

I have done the Experience myself ! I have invested 50 $ in Facebook Ads, and after not even a couple of hours I had over 500 LIKES and ZERO visits to our website. We pinned a Post on the top of our Timeline, to download a FREE Ebook on a topic that people were supposed to really like. Result ? No one downloaded it!

We started to think, that something was wrong. We decide to take  acloser look to the Profiles that like our page!  Mainly between 13 and 17 years old.  Majority of the accounts were from India, Mexico and some from Eastern European countries such as : Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, …

But the worst part was that most of these Profiles, hadn’t updates in many months, or any activity at all, beside the fact, that all of them had 4000 or more pages liked on Facebook.

I’ve decided to pause  the Facebook Ads Campaign, after only 24 Hours from beginning,  and after checking all the Profiles , I have purged more than 300 Likes, out of the 500 gained  ( and paid for).

If you think that I am the only one, you are totally wrong! Plenty of Companies ( from very famous brands to little Start ups) have experienced the same.  I found many interesting Posts like the one from SearchJournal  or the one from the BBC 

A BBC investigation suggests companies are wasting large sums of money on adverts to gain “likes” from Facebook Members who have no real interest in their products. At the time, BBC, created a fake company, just for the purpose of the exercise, «  Virtual Bagel » and  attracted more than 1600  «  Likes » in just few days, despite the fact, that the Facebook page, had no products to sold, nor content.

Graham Cluley of the security firm Sophos said this was a major problem. Spammers and malware authors can mass-produce false Facebook profiles to help them spread dangerous links and spam, and trick people into befriending them. 

Some of these accounts are run by computer software with one person puppeteering thousands of profiles from a single desk handing out commands such as: ‘like’ as many pages as you can to create a large community.

Some others accounts are Real People with hundreds, sometimes thousands of accounts playing contest or better known Brisk Biz. In each country where there is Facebook, there are companies running contest. The more votes you get, the better your chances of winning. The person “likes” Your page because they are looking for others users with whom they can swap their votes.  Ideally in the future they will start spreading messages on your posts, looking for Votes Exchanges.

 If you don’t believe me, just enter Votes Exchanges in the Facebook search tab. So what’s happening when you set your Facebook Ads, to Optimize mode?  Well, surprise,  Facebook will deliver your ads to users who are more likely to perform an action (install an app or like a page as of now), based on their historical behavior.

The ads are delivered to reach users with a strong track record for clicking. Like the ones that apply for Contest!!!

The solution to the Worthless Likes Problem:  If  you want your Facebook Ads to work, and to get real People to LIKE your Facebook Page,  the KEY is in to really NARROW TARGET your Campaign.  A scatter-gun approach for your Ads, sending them to multiple countries with little or no demographic targeting will be only a waste of money. 

And the Second thing to do, is to absolutely DON’T  use the Optimized Targeting! Because Bots and spam accounts are the one the most likely will click on your ad, you will receive a lot of Worthless Likes.

Leave us a comment: Did you experience Facebook Ads Bots too ? Tell us in details , leave us a comment.

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