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You may produce Perfumes, Chocolate, Shoes, Furs, Make-Up, Mineral Water or anything else. Once you have listed the fabulous features about your products, you can then start to brainstorm the corresponding benefits. For Glam Marketing purposes remember to always use Sensory Words and adjectives to describe your offerings.

If the Shoes are produced in a specific Region, hand made and sold exclusively in limited Places, your customer’s benefit might be the prestige and the beauty of owning Rare Shoes made in France, Strawberries & Champagne from Italy, Pure Seductive Belgian Chocolate, Luscious Australian Wine, …

In Glam Marketing the type of content you share is closely related to what your customers aspire; in other words, you’re educating people on lifestyle topics they are interested, sparkled with stories and pictures related to your business. If you want to build an audience you must create and share lifestyle content to seduce and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers.


You must create a girl’s girl world, full of fashion and beauty ideas, inspirational pictures, with the goal in mind to inspires your readers, to take them to places they haven’t been before, and make them feel good.

  • Beauty
  • Fashion



In Glam Marketing, you must use the power of association even when things seem very different the one to the other, you must find the way to connect them. In this way you will have plenty of ideas on how to treat old material in new glamorous ways.

Now is time to start researching the subjects that will interest your audience. Keyword research, will tell you exactly what people are interested in, in which percentage, which exact topics they are looking for, insights and how to include them in your Marketing strategy. That information is worth its weight in gold, because it helps you understanding the motivations of your consumers in virtually every niche.

For Instance, let’s say your client is a Jewelry Brand we could first start our research with the Category APPAREL in the Google keyword tool. I advice you to sign up with a Google Adwords account, so that you have a larger choice of terms. 


Jewelry Key words

The research gave over 800 results. It is very important to go through the entire document and to select the Keyword that better represents your Product, or the ability for your Marketing Team to associate your Product with the Selected Ideas.

Once  shortlisted the topics that better could integrate your topics and its ingredients, you need to brainstorm possible connection with Lifestyle Topics by using the power of association; even when things seem very different the one to the other, you must find the way to connect them. In this way you will have plenty of ideas on how to treat old material in new Glamorous ways.  How do you associate your Jewelry brand with  the following topics: Travel, Decor, Cars, Motos, Boats, Bags, Fashion, Food, Baby, celebrity, Beauty, Style, Street Fashion , Glamorous,….?


Take the Key searches selected and try to associate with them with as many concepts as you can, than referring to your Target Market and your Product, you will be able to create some Topics for all your Marketing collaterals, Press Releases, Blog posts, Facebook Posts and Tweets…Once identified the concepts, you will have to create the corresponding content, working the text layout by creating meaningful headlines, sensory oriented copy and Glamorous visuals.

Some Examples could be:

  • Jewelry Store: News and pictures from your Jewelry Stores around the world
  • Custom Jewelry: This is the opportunity to launch your Made-to-Measure VIp service
  • Children Jewelry: With 27,100 searches per  month, maybe you could consider a limited edition collection.
  • Bridal Jewelry: Showcase all the pieces worn by the brides around the world.
  • Jewelry for men: What about your Men collection? 

Write an editorial line, for each of the Topics you decide you are going to talk about. This should include the frequency, the themes, the Images that will need to support your concepts.

Create Catchy headline that will inform the reader about Your Message through your Social Media Powerhouse and Press Releases.

Choose the Images Carefully. they must be professionally shot, as they should elaborate the interest  raised by the headline and leads the prospect to a click-through.

Every time you create a concept, you have the opportunity to build recognition for your company through your different Marketing Channels. You must consider at least 3 Months campaign, with daily Posts and a Structured Link Build Campaign in order to build Recognition, while pushing Organic SEO.

Summing it all up, by taking the time to get the Key words searches and to tailor your contents, creating catchy Headlines and using amazing visuals, reading your work aloud, you can keep your reader engaged and score more conversions.

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