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Every Company has news that  will interest potential clients, with out service you can quickly share those news. Million of people are searching for a Business like yours. We send your news  straight to the search engines that everyone uses, to Fashion Editors and to more than 1700 Fashion Bloggers. This is a goldmine to promote your brand and collections: when your news will go viral, you will go far.

Just one well placed press release can generate tremendous interest in your products or services. Every day Fashion editors set aside space for press releases about products, services, events and news – why not yours? We offer three ways for you to distribute your press releases and contact the Fashion media.

PR Buzz – Press Release Service, a press release distribution very quick and affordable to the French Fashion Editors, Italian or Russian Fashion Editors. $99 per news release.

PR Fashion Bloggers – Getting your story in even one Famous Fashion Blog, with Thousands of followers, is Far more effective than sending your news into cyberspace. They normally have large blog following, and if they like your Product you may get huge publicity.$ 199 per news release

Fashion Media Contact list – We sell you our Rolodex of Contacts in the Fashion Magazines or we create one ad Hoc Just for you. Depending on the Regional Scope, price may vary, Starting at $499 and up to $1500.


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