Google Optimization: the World Busiest Restaurant!

Nov 27, 2012 Anonymous 1

Google Optimization for Fashion Bloggers

5 Marketing Lessons from Booking a Table at Google Optimization: the World Busiest Restaurant!

Please tell me the truth. Have you ever been tempted to go at a Celebrity Restaurant ? Or try to enter a very VIP Club ? Have you ever actually been refused? If you are like most of us, you have at least once. From Celebrity Clubs in Miami, Milano, Monaco or Moscow, to Ultra-selective-Michelin starred Restaurants, they are very busy all the time, it seems that whatever they sell must be absolutely irresistible.

There’s a lot that Celebrity Restaurants can teach us about passing the Velvet Rope of  a crowded Place.  Along the line, imagine if you were to get a table at the world most famously impossible to book restaurant: Google!

This would be like, trying to have a table, at a Restaurant where billions of other patrons, are constantly trying to book the Prime spot. I’m sure, you won’t be surprised to learn that: unless you spend a lot of time fine tuning your Google Optimization Strategies, you won’t have enough name recognition to bounce you past the red rope. To get a top table on Google First Page search Results  you must apply the same principles: Select the Perfect Catchy Phrases and apply the correct SEO Techniques.

The successful Chefs, the Impossibly-chic- Nightclub on the French Riviera, truly excel at building their brands and growing their Fan base. Here are five of their Marketing strategies that you should adopt today to book a table at Google Optimization :

1 – Be an Enthusiastic Restaurant Critic:

Run a Blog and make sure to include several keywords on each of your posts. You will create a Personal Brand about yourself, you may become an Authority on the field your are blogging about and you will send a lot of links to your Website. We know that Building quality links is the second most Important factor in Google Optimization Strategy.

2 – Plan Far in Advance:

The reality is that anyone can get a sought-after table; all it requires is some planning and a little bit of luck. This is the same for building a Google Optimization strategy: it takes a lot of time to find the right keywords,  to write the content and the slogans for your website,  to implement the Linking strategy you have designed.

3 – Bribe the door Staff:

You may opt to buy Google Adwords on very competitive words on a daily basis: trust me. You don’t have enough money. You can, figure it out which are the significant-rare Key Phrases to be used in your Google Optimization Campaign. There are two distinct strategies: optimize for a small number of highly popular keywords or optimize for a large number of less popular words. I like the second option better, as it is easier to get results, almost immediately.

4 – Know the Maitre D’ Personal Telephone Number

One of the most important thing when creating a website for your Information Product, is the Website address that you are going to choose. Give your website a Google Optimization reason for existing. Choosing keywords and Key Phrases should be your first step when constructing a site, to incorporate in your domain name, website structure and content.

Bonus Lesson:

Remember that what needs to go into your website Google Optimization Strategy, to make it a reader-grabbing powerhouse, are the 8 Must-have SEO factors:

  • Very Targeted Keywords – You can use the Google Keyword Tool
  • The perfect URL  - Verify if your Domain is available by checking Go Daddy
  • Catchy Phrases in all titles – Find some help with our E-book!
  • H1 to H5 Tags in all your contents
  • Alt Text in Images
  • Killer Meta Tags for your Google Snippets
  • Site Maps
  • A very well planned Linking strategy
  • Social Media & Web Marketing

In the Next Articles we are going to explain  how to practice KeyWord Targeting for your SEO.

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