Things to Know before You Install WordPress!

Dec 11, 2012 Anonymous 0

Istall wordpress by Catchy Phrases

 Getting Started with WordPress the Easy way:

Before you Install WordPress to your own domain name, there are few things to know and to prepare.


  • Download the latest version of WordPress, from
  • Create a Secure password. You will use this password for your MySQL, FTP and eventually WordPress admin section. You can generate a Secure Password Generators.
  • Download a FTP Client. There are many very good FTP clients, but for the purpose of Installing wordpress  I use Filezilla.
  • You won’t be able to install WordPress, unless you have a text editor. I use Dreamweaver
  • Make sure you have an Internet connection

Installing WordPress on your Webshost:

Remember that WordPress requires MySQL, for this reason the domain name for your Blog must be  hosted on a LINUX Server.

  • Go into your Hosting service and Create a FTP User
  • Take note of your FTP Password and FTP Address
  • Create the MySQL user inside your Linux account
  • Take note of the MySQL Database Name
  • MySQL Host name
  • MySQL User name
  • Double check that your Hosting package  has “cURL enabled” and “PHP 5.4” or higher version

What I find very useful is to create a Word document with the following fields:


Database Name

Host name :

Port :

User name :


Description :

Version :

FTP User :

FTP Password :

FTP Address :

WordPress  Address :

WordPress ID :

WordPress Password :


So that when I start installing wordpress, I have all information ready and on hand.



Leave us a comment: Without the items I have listed above , you won’t be able to Install WordPress. I am sure thera re other things to consider, what is your advice ? Leave us a comment

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