Photoshop Tutorial: Scalloped Edges

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I Would like to Show you How to Create really Chic Scalloped Edges for your Pictures.

Scalloped Edges - Catchy Phrases

Scalloped Edges - Catchy Phrases - 1

This Tutorial was inspired by the scalloped by a Tutorial I saw on Pugly Pixel and I though it could be very Nice for Fashion Shots too. I think it adds immediately some Magic and could make your Outfit stand out ! So I have decided to re-create the tutorial for you.


Scalloped Edges - Catchy Phrases - 2

Open your Picture in Photoshop











Scalloped Edges - Catchy Phrases - 4




Expand your  Canvas Size of at least 1 inch all around.

Photoshop will ask you in which color would you like to have the new background. Leave the background White.

Go to Images > Canvas Size







Scalloped Edges - Catchy Phrases - 3












Scalloped Edges - Catchy Phrases - 5



Create a New layer

Color it with the Paint Bucket Tool in a very strong Color. I normally use green for all these type of work.








Scalloped Edges - Catchy Phrases - 6


On the Tool Menu Select the Brushes Tool sometimes it is hidden under the Pencil Tool

Select the Brush Tool and Open the Paint Brush Menu from the Menu

Window  > Brushes > Select the Tip Shape Section

These are the settings :

Smooting Selected

Brush size 122 ( I have set it manually)

Hardness 100%

Spacing 90%



Scalloped Edges - Catchy Phrases - 7



Than go within your picture, click the Brush on any of the Corner of your Picture and drag it until the other corner.

Repeat it for each side of the Picture.








Scalloped Edges - Catchy Phrases - 8

Now select the Magic Wand Tool

Make sure that the parameters are acative :

Tolerance : 30

Anti Alias – Active

Contiguos – Active





Scalloped Edges - Catchy Phrases - 9

Than Click anywhere outside the scalloped frame.


Switch the layer : select the background layer

Hit the delet button or Clear  from


Edit >  Clear

Go to the Layers Palette and deselct the EYE from the Color Layer






Scalloped Edges - Catchy Phrases - 10



Fill > White

Crop it if necessary : and you have your scalopped edges !




Well the Tutorial is over, I hope that you have enjoyed and that you will use it for many of your Posts !


Leave us a comment: How do you like Scalloped Edges for Fashion pictures ?  Which other type of edges do you like to add to your Photos ? Share with us in a comment.


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