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Twitter SEO

The first things to consider when paying attention to Twitter SEO, is to choose your your Username, Your Bios and Your Profile Photo Wisely. First things First! You need to choose your Unique Twitter Username. Here you can go creative, honor your writing muse and imagine something really unusual. As a general rule of thumb, you should aim for your Brand Name, so that you will be able to build a consistent Brand Image across all the Social Media.

People will search for several Topics on Twitter, as if it was a search engine, so if you want to be found, include relevant keywords and Hash Tags in Your Twitter Profile ad your Tweets.This little secrets will help you to be Optimized for Twitter SEO.

Think of your Twitter username as your Twitter domain address:  Twitter allows you to choose a user name of 15 Characters long, and you can use numbers ( 0 to 9) , letters and the underscore “_” .

To see if the username you want to register is available, type in the Google Search bar: and type the name you want. If the screen says “ Sorry that page doesn’t exist”, that means that you can go ahead and register it. In contrast, if your Business name has already been taken, you may consider using your tagline, your Mascot or any relevant Keyword.

Say for example, you choose “ PRAgencyFrance”, “PRAgencyMoscow” you will appear in every Twitter search, for these terms. This could be a useful source of driving traffic to your website, especially if you mention your website URL in your Twitter Bio. Your bio is like the Meta snippet of a website, with a 160 character limit: so keep it short but keyword rich.

When it comes to optimizing your tweets for Twitter SEO, the first 40 characters of your Tweets matter the most. So try and include the most important keywords you are optimizing for in the first 40 characters of your tweets. Use hashtags (#) and keywords in all your tweets. But don’t Overdo.

To join in or begin a conversation use hastags and keywords. They play a big role in Twitter SEO as they act as keywords. This will reference your tweets with the chosen keyword to allow other Twitter users to discover your tweets who are interested in that same keyword.

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